What Are My Rights According to GDPR?

What Are My Rights According to GDPR?

A more detailed overview over your rights as end-user of Tenno Network and how EU General Data Protection Regulation controls the obligations Tenno has towards our users.

  • Right of Access:
    – If you as an end user ask to see your personal data and we as a company, (Tenno Network) have enough to identify you as end-user, then Tenno Network must be able to provide it that data to the end-user, unless doing so would adversely affect the rights of other users and compromise their integrity too.
  • Right to Data Portability:
    – Meaning in other words “Right of Access” this means that you can request a copy of the data we have about you on infrastructure. You can request a data export here: EU GDRP | User Data Export Requests
  • Right to Erasure:
    – Also called the “Right to be Forgotten.” If you as a end-user of Tenno Network which to have your account and personal data deleted and removed from processing, then you have the right to have that removed from our servers. You either can delete your account and all your data and information stored on our server infrastructure from within your own account’s settings or deactivate your account thus prevent any further processing
  • Right of Rectification:
    – If you as end user believe the personal data that the controller, have on record is incorrect then you as an end-user have right to have that data corrected.
  • Right to Restriction:
    – Similarly, within the Right to Restriction, you as a user of Tenno Network has the right to request a cessation of processing whilst requiring the data processor to keep the data already processed for the purposes of legal proceedings.
  • Right to Object:
    – As end-user you have the right to object to and withdraw consent from the processing of their personal data at any time.
  • Right to Avoid Automated data processing:
    “Automated Individual Decision Making and Profiling”, If decisions pertaining an end user are being made solely by automated processing of their personal data and they haven’t given consent to the decision-making as part of the processing then they can request human intervention to review the data and make the decision.

Where can i find more infrormation about GDRP and my end-user rights?.

You can find more information about EU’s new privacy law here on EU’s website: “Data protection” and here s more simplified easy to read version here: “GRPR Made searchable by Algolia“. (Links opens up in new browser tab/window).

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